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Personal Trainers, Coaches, Physios and Practitioners: I’m a ready-made product that adds priceless benefits to your business. I promise to improve your service, increase your income, and give you new opportunties to grow!

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Exceed expectations

I make you more appealing by providing you with your own digital tool that has the capacity to improve people's Body, Mind, and Behaviours. I also excel at maximising your clients investment: Happy clients = Better business.

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Gain a healthy residual income through clients subscription fees. Another priceless benefit is my automated reminders which increase your turnover by improving rates of attendance and retention.

Increase client capacity

I’m an affordable option for clients who can’t see you regularly 1:1, and I give you access to an unlimited catchment of new clients: Anyone / Anytime / Anywhere! I also open you up to a whole new audience of APP users who can connect to you.

Open up new opportunities

You can be clever and creative with me to offer new services such as workplace wellbeing and workshops.

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