About Health Woodpecker

My owner is Health and Fitness expert Mark Wild. He has over a decade of experience, and an extensive skill-set; including behavioural change and motivation.

He’s kind, caring, and committed to improving both people’s Health, and his fellow professionals services: Hence why I’m here!


Everybody is defined by decisions

A strong mind builds a better body.

I’m the stronghold that overcomes the hardest part of exercise: Turning up! I keep Health at the forefront of your mind and inspire you to take action. My solution for those who can’t or won’t exercise are alternative Healthy Habits such as walking, stretching, and mobility; where little and often adds up to big benefits.

Routine returns results

Consistency is the only way to create change.

Unlike bad ones, good habits are hard to start and easy to stop! I’m here to change that by helping ingrain a routine of healthy habits into your lifestyle so you reap the rewards that come from constantly making the correct choices.

Efficient exercise is effective

Properly structured sessions = Success!

I ensure you make the most of your time exercising by enabling you to either connect to a professional, or to conveniently congregate videos from experts on YouTube.


Extra influence. More success.

The combination of my instant video upload, automated reminders, and capacity to improve the Body, Mind, and Behaviours, will all ensure your clients do what they previously wouldn't have done in-between their sessions. Having me hands you a more comprehensive service, and a better business.

Far healthier finances

I’m a product in your pocket that you can use or sell anytime, anywhere, and to anyone! Through incoming subscriptions your finances will be far more stable and healthier; so you’ll have less stress and more to invest!

Minimal time. Maximum benefits

I’m designed specifically to make your business better, and life easier! I’m conscious of time being precious, and aware that the more people you see the better, so everything about me is simple, quick, and effective.

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